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Dawn’s Leadership Toolkit

Clarify Your Values

Identify core values that influence decisions and give your life meaning.

Myers-Briggs Intro Letter

Unleashing greatness with the Myers-Briggs tool.

Strategic Alignment Method

Systematically improve your leadership capability.

Keeping Women in the Pipeline

Drivers, facilitators and enablers to avancing women.

Dynamic Dozen

Recommended reading list for every leader at every level in every industry.

Dawn’s Wisdom for Women

What makes you a strong woman makes you a strong leader.

Team Trust Diagnostic Tool

Measure the degree of trust in your team and determine if you have a problem.

Coaching Scorecard

Determine if you would be a good candidate for executive coaching and identify gaps.

Leadership Audit

Individual assessment explores 21 leadership skills and identifies weak areas.

Women and the Double Bind

The double bind is the double standard that women leaders must face when it comes to their behaviour.

Self-Discovery Activities for Individuals


Five Behaviours

Take the Wiley 5 Behaviours assessment, then recieve a recorded video to debrief your report.


Working Genius

Take the Working Genius assessment, then recieve the Working Genius report via email followed by a 30-minute live debrief call with Dawn.



Take the MBTI assessment, and recieve the Step II Interpretive report followed by a 60-minute live debrief call with Dawn.

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