21st Century Leadership Challenge

The Problem:

In the 21st century, the definition of effective leadership has changed considerably. The pace of change is unrelenting. The complexity of the environment is unprecedented. The engagement of our workforce is our only sustainable competitive advantage. We are firmly planted in the information age where knowledge workers are demanding a leader who can engage their heads, hearts and hands.

Dawn Frail, President and founder of the Eagle Vision Leadership Development Group, proclaims these are the times of the Leadership Perfect Storm. For the first time in history, leaders must simultaneously navigate three very powerful forces.


The Leadership Perfect Storm

  • Gender: Women make up half of the workforce and bring unique needs and perspectives about leading and being led.
  • Generation: Retirement has been postponed for many people, resulting in workers from vastly different eras working on the same team.
  • Globalization: The world is literally at your doorstep, and the cultural diversity of the workforce poses new challenges for today’s leaders.

Now add to this the impending leadership talent crisis. Estimates say half of the top leaders will have retired by 2015, with millions more to follow by 2020. Leadership talent is a critical strategic asset and organizations must make a significant effort to develop, strengthen and protect it. Where will the talent come from to refill the leadership pipeline?


The Solution:

Consider that many organizations are overlooking a valuable talent pool: women. This large and powerful group is ready, willing and able to step in to help solve the current challenges.


The Women’s Movement

Women have been driving societal change for decades, and Dawn Frail describes the women’s movement as being in its fourth generation. The first three generations represent major milestones already achieved, and the fourth generation is the one we are currently in.

    • 1st Generation:      Right to vote
    • 2nd Generation:     Right to decide
    • 3rd Generation:      Right to equality
    • 4th Generation:      Respected leaders

This 4th generation of the women’s movement will see women recognized and rewarded as respected leaders. To succeed, women need to draw on their natural talents and lead like women. Both genders must recognize that what makes strong women also makes strong leaders. Their naturally collaborative and nurturing style is perfectly suited to bring out the best in knowledge workers by building trust, fostering teamwork and fueling innovation. Women are uniquely qualified and perfectly positioned to meet the leadership needs of this knowledge-worker age. They can alleviate the leadership talent shortage and redefine leadership for future generations.

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