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Why should MY team do a Myers-Briggs workshop?

There is a powerful tool that you can use to increase productivity, reduce conflict and influence your bottom line This tool will show you and your team how to capitalize on diversity so that you can more easily maximize individual strengths and fill potential gaps.  If you are interested in developing your people to their full potential, consider conducting a Myers-Briggs Introductory Workshop for the members of your organization.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality profiling tool that can help individuals understand their own natural ways of processing information, making decisions and dealing with the outside world.  With over 50 years of practical research, the MBTI has taken the forefront as the most widely used personality inventory in the world.


Having a full understanding of your personality type can give you practical ideas to:

  • Communicate in ways that promote understanding
  • Solve nagging conflict that gets in the way of team performance
  • Increase morale so productivity will follow
  • Help people learn faster so they can be productive sooner
  • Deal with stress in ways that give longer lasting results
  • Implement organizational change more successfully with less resistance
  • And much, much more.


In just a matter of hours, you can take a team of employees and get them to work smarter, instead of just harder.  You’ll achieve this by giving them the opportunity to experience first hand, what it means to work in harmony with their natural talents.


Create a stronger, more efficient team in just hours…

Individuals who understand how their minds work can take control of information in a more powerful way.  They can increase the effectiveness of taking in information so they can process more information faster.  Once they have the information, knowing how their brain naturally organizes the information can make decision-making a faster and more successful process.


You’ve heard the saying that ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’  This workshop will have just begun when you realize it’s time to wrap up.  As people begin to discover some inner truths about themselves, and potentially the people they work with, the excitement level increases and the fun factor multiplies.  Often times, people just don’t want it to end.  But end it must, and the first powerful step has been taken to improving personal productivity in all areas of life.


The secrets of managing effective teams…

As the leader of the team, understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of each member of the team puts you in a powerful position.   It can help you take a high-maintenance team from an unmanageable state, to one that can become a joy to lead.  You can also take a high-performing team and help them develop to get to the next level.  The result is that you become the hero leader, getting high marks from your team for your leadership and coaching ability.


This workshop has benefits that can be felt across the entire organization.  Experience the power of:


  • Improved problem-solving & decision-making capability.  Help people understand where they draw their creative energy from so it can be maximized… know how to draw out the quiet-types so you don’t lose out on their incredible contributions… understand how people prioritize different factors when making decisions… be more successful in getting people to synergize during problem-solving to create breakthrough solutions and achieve ultimate innovation… understand a powerful method for making realistic and balanced decisions.
  • More effective conflict resolution.  Learn to recognize the triggers that escalate a conflict situation… engage non-communicators so they’re part of the process and more readily buy-in to resolutions…decipher clues to underlying or hidden conflict… understand how to avoid conflict by knowing people’s natural biases… overcome the destructive ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ attitudes… break down departmental silos so you can get what you need, when you need it.
  • Powerful stress management techniques.  Understand how the work environment and the corporate culture increase or decrease stress levels in people… identify parts of the job that are most difficult to handle, and what to do about it… recognize factors that contribute to fatigue… know your natural response to stress so you can proactively prepare to handle it more effectively.
  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness.  Understand why you prefer the leadership style you’ve chosen… learn how to manage those who are unlike you… learn to deal with high-maintenance team members who appear unmotivated… know how to support your team without stifling them … have a better roadmap for delivering coaching conversations… learn to communicate expectations more effectively so you get what you want when you want it.
  • Engaging interpersonal skills.  Connect with people sooner by using language that triggers trust… appreciate core values that can lead to a greater understanding and acceptance of others… understand and value normal differences between people… understand what leads to misunderstandings… create stronger bonds between co-workers which ultimately leads to greater collaboration.
  • Smoother implementation of organizational change.  Uncover ways of more effectively communicating change at any level… reduce resistance that can sabotage even the best change plans… anticipate individual team members’ needs and head trouble off at the pass… help members of your organization become change agents… help people learn to embrace change with excitement, energy and enthusiasm in a way that works best for them.
  • Shortened learning cycles leading to faster performance.  Discover how different types of instruction can help or hinder comprehension… explore how the type of environment can affect concentration… enhance self-confidence by helping people learn faster and easier… help people understand and cater to their natural learning style so they can understand better and apply sooner.
  • Dynamic teams working synergistically together.   Help everyone realize the value of different perspectives… strengthen a team by balancing strengths and vulnerabilities… know the best types of roles a person would be suited to in order to maximize the team’s effectiveness… understand how knowing the team’s time management approach can reduce tension and improve project completion rates.


Guaranteed, you’ll find ideas you can use immediately…

You can capitalize on the power of this session any number of ways.  Consider a workshop for your own direct reporting team as a teambuilding initiative, or for a project team as a kick-off event.  Departmental or company-wide conferences of any type can be an excellent place to include a workshop, especially if the group’s success is driven by their ability to build relationships and influence others.  Executive retreat agendas and leadership development program curriculums are two additional places this workshop is a natural fit.


If you and your team have questions about the session or would like to discuss other ideas, please give me a call and we can explore possibilities – no cost or obligation to you.  We can discuss potential workshop dates and implementation details whenever you’re ready.

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