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The Heart Method™

The Heart Method™ helps you become a better leader by using your female strengths. Created by Dawn Frail, The Heart Method™ helps you dramatically improve your personal leadership performance and the productivity of your team.  It also helps you enjoy your role as a leader, and achieve your career goals.

“Based on my years of experience, I believe most female leaders take the wrong approach,” Frail says. “In fact, they often vacillate between two approaches.  They typically start out by trying to be nice, trying to be everyone’s friend.  But this doesn’t work because some team members take advantage of the situation.  So they take a tough approach and lay down the law.  But this doesn’t feel right either.  As a result, they lose the respect of their team, and don’t get the results they want.  They also grow to dislike their role as a leader.”

“That’s why I created The Heart Method.  It’s based on the principle that female leaders need to take a different approach from male leaders.  In other words, women shouldn’t lead by trying to be more like men.  They need to lead by using their female strengths, which come from their heart.  These strengths include nurturing, collaboration, communication, and intuition. These female “heart-based” strengths are different from male “mind-based” strengths, which include decisive, self-reliant, confident, and competitive.

“Both male and female strengths have their attributes, but women need to tap into their intrinsic female strengths because they are more likely to experience success when they use them.  That’s why I developed a simple three-step method, called The Heart Method™, which female leaders can use to summon up their female strengths.”


The method is:

1.  Listen To Your Heart

2.  Make Up Both Your Minds

3.  Lead With Dignity


Let’s look at each step in more detail:

1.  Listen To Your Heart: Being a great female leader requires a level of courage, energy and passion that can only come from deep inside your core – your “heart”.  When you’re faced with an unpopular decision or put into a difficult situation, you need to feel that what you believe is right.  You need to rely on your deepest intuitive wisdom.

2.  Make Up Both Your Minds: There are many leadership situations where your head and your heart will be at odds with one another.  As a woman leader, every time this happens you must resolve this internal struggle before moving forward.  Then you will be able to stand with conviction when your wisdom faces obstacles, adversities and challenges.

3.  Lead With Dignity: Once you have made up your mind, as a female leader, you need to lead with dignity; to exude an air of calm assurance and resolve that cannot be undermined.  By focusing on the art of dignity, you can be much more effective.

“In my keynote speeches, workshops, and private coaching, I teach female leaders the principles of “female” vs. “male” leadership strengths, and then coach them on how to use this three-step method when they are in leadership situations.  By learning these skills, my clients report that they have significantly improved their effectiveness as leaders. The performance of their teams has improved dramatically.  They now enjoy their role as a leader. And as a result, they also achieve greater success in their career.”

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