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“Dawn is a fabulous teacher and coach with a high level of knowledge and skill and the ability to earn high credibility with participants quickly. Highly recommended.”

Tricia Greco, Director HR, Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.

Dawn is a dynamic motivational speaker … Interested, and interesting, Dawn is warm and personable…and for me, a role model I believe every career-oriented woman can look up to.

Kym Geddes, Afternoon News Anchor Chumfm Radio, CTV

There were a lot of surprises in the group and we can take this information and work more effectively as a team. I know this will improve our working relationship and decrease frustration levels. I loved the class and would recommend this to any team/group to improve work relations and communications. I was skeptical going into this, but was so impressed/excited with the results.

April Wagner, GE Healthcare Southeast Sales Representative

I chose Dawn because she is smart, thoughtful and pragmatic. She has proven that she can work and get results with people who are experiencing even the highest level of difficulty. Dawn consistently acts with compassion and integrity in all her dealings.

Jackie Saad, InterChange Consulting