The more we change, the more we stay the same

Girl with logI remember my early career aspirations and the belief that I could do anything I wanted to do and I could be anything I wanted to be. One thing that would spur me on faster than anything else was to tell me I couldn’t do something because I was a woman. In fact, that’s probably how my passion for advocating for the advancement of women began.

I can remember it as though it were yesterday. I was eight years old and visiting my grandparents. My grandfather returned late in the afternoon one day after cutting firewood. As soon as I heard his truck pull in the driveway I rushed to put on my shoes so I could go help him unload the wood. By the time he parked his truck in the back yard, I was already there waiting excitedly to lend a helping hand. When he realized what I had on my mind, he told me I couldn’t help him because I was a girl.

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How well do you handle change?

As I was preparing to launch my new website I was thinking how much I used to hate change.  The funny thing is that as I get older I expect to be more set in my ways, not less. But that’s not what’s actually what’s happening.  I’m more flexible and more easy going (although I’m not sure my kids would agree), and I’m not as resistant to change as I used to be.

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