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Our roadmap.

Being a great leader isn’t always easy. People are complex and confusing, teams experience conflict, personalities clash…

We are here to help you discover your journey to leadership success, love your job, and be the leader your team deserves.

Step 1

Complete 10-15 minute self-assesment audit.

Step 2

Review resource guide and action plan.

Step 3

Review your action plan and choose your Leadership Journey.

Step 4

Begin your Leadership Journey!


Take self-assesment & get a personalized resource guide.

  1. Complete a 10-15 minute self-assesment quiz.
  2. Review personalized resource guide and action plan.


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Leadership Journeys

Are you ready to get started on your leadership journey? We have several options that can all help guide you towards your career and leadership goals.



Quick Wins

3-month program

Three 2-hour modules

(Leadership Mindset, Personality Power, Transition Management).

Four, 30-minute coaching calls with Dawn.

Weekly Motivational Minute.



In-Depth Leadership

6-month program

Five 2-hour modules

(Strategic Thinking, Execution Essentials, Performance Power, and Employee Engagement)

Seven, 45-minute coaching calls with Dawn.

Guided assessments (Meyers Briggs & more).



Immersive Coaching

12-month immersive coaching program.

Seven expert-run modules

(Strategic Thinking, Execution Essentials, Performance Power, Employee Engagement, Leadership Mindset, Personality Power, and Transition Management)

+ Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Not ready to start the Silver, Gold, or Platinum leadership journeys?

You can begin your journey with Bronze!

Meet with Dawn to help you work through a plan of action, and your $270 investment can be credited towards another Leadership Journey should you choose to continue.


$270 – Personalized Coaching Call

Take the self-assessment

Results personally reviewed by Dawn

30 minute coaching call

Hi! I’m Dawn, your leadership coach.

As a Leadership Development Specialist, there is nothing that gets my juices flowing more than seeing a leader realize their true potential.  I believe that we all have amazing potential inside of us that is just waiting to be unleashed.