Never let them see you puke!


This is the third instalment in the Family Olympic saga. We decided to watch the Canadian women’s soccer team play for the Bronze medal so we didn’t start our run until just before noon. It was about 32 degrees, no breeze, and no shade on the rural Nova Scotia road that served as our running track. About half way, my body decided to show me what it thought about me running in the heat. My stomach started doing Olympic-style somersaults.

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Lessons from a leadership great – Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Dawn and Stephen Covey 2006

Stephen Covey and Dawn Frail – 2006

Stephen Covey taught many people many things. Some lessons he taught in person, and many more through his books.┬áHis passing won’t mark the end of his influence, and will hopefully spark a new generation to learn about this great man.

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