Immediate Past District 60 Director – 2019-2020

It was a pleasure to serve as your District Director 2019-2020.

As I continue my Toastmasters journey, I am honoured to continue to serve as your Immediate Past District Director (IPDD) as well as your District Leadership Committee Chair for 2020-2021.

Do you remember why you joined Toastmasters? I joined because I wanted to progress in my career. I knew that to make that happen, I needed help: help to be a better communicator and help to be a better leader.

From the first moment I entered the room at my very first Toastmasters meeting, I was greeted by a vibrant group of young professionals, as serious about their professional development as they were about having fun.

This quality club experience had me hooked from the very first day, and I was never disappointed. I believe it was an excellent educational experience that kept me going back… for 28 years!

As a leader on my own learning journey, I am committed to helping everyone I meet to understand the incredible value that Toastmasters has to offer. For companies, this is an incredible learning and development program for all employees and I strongly believe the bottom line of every company that has their own in-house Toastmasters program.

For individuals, this value can mean a promotion at work, or surviving a speech at someone’s wedding (or knocking it out of the park), or finding the courage to use your voice.

Whether you’re in it for the long-haul like me or working toward some very specific short-term goals, Toastmasters is a community and a family like no other.

Our District has a proud history and a wonderful heritage of exceptional leaders throughout the years.  I would be honoured to continue that incredible legacy by serving as your 2019-2020  District Director.

In addition to the detailed experience and qualifications outside of Toastmasters that you’ll find in the following pages of this website, these items may be of immediate interest.

  • Masters Degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph in 2012

  • Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner (one of only a handful in Canada)

  • Selected as one of ten facilitators around the world to launch with Dr. Stephen Covey his groundbreaking 8th Habit leadership program

  • 25 years experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer specializing in Leadership Development

  • Background in Finance, IT and Organization Development

Please contact me with any further questions or comments about the bright future of our wonderful District.

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