What Do Others Say About Dawn?

Dawn Frail is a product of Toastmasters. From a shy, nervous and introverted young woman who crept unobtrusively into a club meeting 26 years ago, she has become a highly skilled and professional communicator who has the passion, vision and expertise to lead our District. Having had the privilege of working closely with Dawn in many business and Toastmasters projects for over 20 years, I am delighted to recommend her for the role of Club Growth Director. She will serve us all with integrity, respect and excellence.

℘ Ross Mackay, DTM, Past International Director, Accredited Speaker


These are exciting times in the Toastmasters world. Among other things, we can look forward to the rollout this year of the Pathways Learning Experience. As this represents a major change to our education programs, it means that now, more than ever, we need strong leadership. We also need leaders with vision, integrity, and a passion for Toastmasters. District 60 is extremely fortunate to have a candidate with all those attributes in the person of Dawn Frail. I am proud to endorse Dawn for the position of Club Growth Director for her strength as a leader, for her vision, her integrity and most of all, for her passion for Toastmasters.

℘ Phyrne Parker, DTM, Past District Governor


I was impressed with Dawn’s ability to lead and communicate when I worked with her on the District Reformation Committee 2013/2014.

As Chair of the committee, Dawn lead a team of experienced Toastmasters, including many past District Governors, eliciting respect for her leadership, expertise and organizational skills, resulting in a well documented proposal, presented to a diverse group of people within the proposed timeline.

Dawn’s advanced communication skills helped the teamwork with leadership in both Districts 60 and 86 as well as Toastmasters International’s top leaders to meet the committee goals.

As a keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Dawn is able to get her message across in a succinct and entertaining manner. She’s an engaging speaker leaving her audience with the desire to take her ideas and “run with them”.

Leadership and communication skills:  both requirements for a great servant leader!

℘ Michelle Rich, DTM, Past District Governor


Dawn Frail has always impressed me with her ability to interact with people – not just friends but strangers as well. She has run numerous workshops and worked on projects to help unite the districts.  She is an organized person who can multi- task and has proven her abilities to be able to lead.

I would highly recommend Dawn Frail for your Club Growth Director and I know she will learn the role and bring great results to the table. She will be the leader that leads by example – with humility and training her team. She will be able to bring people together when there is a difference of opinion.

Dawn Frail is a win-win choice.

℘ Doreen Hillier, DTM, Past District Governor-86, President Citation Recipient


As Club Growth Director, Dawn will make a fantastic ambassador for District 60. Her leadership skills shine through in everything she undertakes. I have no doubt that she will lead, teach and inspire others to actively participate in growing new clubs and strengthen existing clubs. She will be an outstanding addition to the District team.

℘ Joan Binetti, Past District Governor


While I have known Dawn Frail for many years as a long-time Toastmaster, my most recent interaction with her was to introduce her as the 2015 George Keenan Award Winner, the 21st recipient of the award. In that introduction, I was able to highlight some of her accomplishments and qualities which would make her an excellent Club Growth Director.

During her Toastmasters career, she has served in various leadership roles… and has actively promoted Toastmasters through her company and on Rogers TV.

℘ Tim Sulisz, Past District Governor


Dawn embodies the core values of TM – service, excellence, integrity and respect for fellow members. She inspires members, clubs and areas with her heart and soul. D60 will benefit immensely with Dawn as growth Director!

℘ Roman Smolak, DTM, Past Area Governor, Speaking From Experience Advanced TM


For many years, I heard about Dawn Frail and then saw her in action in contests and as a workshop presenter. I came to realize that she was an excellent communicator who spoke from a position of strength and confidence. It was not until I had the privilege of working with her on the joint D60/86 Reformation Committee that I experience firsthand her strength as a leader. I watched as she was able to bring people together and work together collaboratively. Dawn makes those around her better! I believe that Dawn Frail has the background, experience and talent to be a superb Club Growth Director for District 60!

℘ Tony Nelson, DTM, member since 1971.


I have been a Toastmaster for a number of years and I have achieved great heights within the Toastmasters program and one of my key mentors has been Dawn Frail through this wonderful journey. Either in a defined Toastmasters role when she served as my Division Governor and guided me through my learning curve as an Area Governor or through her guidance and leadership as she helped me through my first real foray in a leadership role in Toastmasters as the Division Speech Contest Chair, Dawn’s words of encouragement, strong leadership, and guidance throughout made my experience both rewarding and successful. Dawn’s speaking skills and her personal tips on being a better speaker have helped me progress and become a more confident speaker on stage and in my professional life as a Realtor.

I would highly recommend Dawn for any leadership role within Toastmaster’s, or any other organization. Her skills, personality, and leadership are an asset any organization and more importantly to each and everyone she comes into contact with.

℘ Sam Giuliano, Past Area Governor


Dawn was one of the first people I met when I joined Toastmasters.  Dawn was leading Myers Briggs sessions, conducting plenary workshops at the Conferences and competing and succeeding at the Contests.  And I immediately knew that Dawn would be one of my role models.  Experiencing first-hand her leadership and commitment within the Toastmasters organization, I knew that Toastmasters was the right place for me.

By a stroke of good fortune when I joined my Division G Club, I discovered that Dawn too was a member – well respected and an integral member of the Club.

I have grown tremendously in my speaking and evaluation skills with Dawn’s words of encouragement, her insights and humour, and by seeing Dawn lead and demonstrate by example.

Dawn is a professional through and through, a leader extraordinaire facilitating, publishing and teaching leadership skills and lessons through a variety of media (workshops, books, television and one on ones) and a mentor always willing to listen, help you obtain your goals and provide guidance.

Thank you Dawn for being an exemplary and motivational Toastmaster and Leader, and I look forward to your ongoing amazing contributions to Toastmasters and District 60.

℘ Andrew Mertens, Past Area Governor, Speaking From Experience Advanced TM


The three primary responsibilities for a Club Growth Director are marketing, club building and member-club retention.

I first met Dawn Frail at the 2004 Fall District 60 Conference as the keynote speaker. Having just completed my Ice Breaker speech, Dawn took a special interest in me and gave me the prize of a CD with a lot of her personal knowledge. Having someone of her caliber find me, the newest Toastmaster in an audience of over 300 made a significant difference with my TM experience.

Over the years, Dawn as been a sought out Keynote presenter at District and International Conferences. She has continuously offered her professional skills as a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner in helping develop teams and provide useful coaching to our District Leaders.

I had the pleasure of working with Dawn as a member of our Reformation Committee from 2013 to 2016. With a group of enthusiastic and experienced members, Dawn demonstrated her creative thinking and analytical skills by coming up with solutions that other members had not considered.  When new leadership was required, she stepped up and become the Chair.  Dawn created a strategic plan that included a comprehensive communication’s plan to share with all stakeholders.  She was able to motive the team in working towards achieving excellence.

Using her knowledge of Toastmasters developed over 26 years, Dawn combines her professional skills as a leadership development professional and award winning speaker and trainer to demonstrate the value of our communications and leadership program.

In her professional life, she focuses on helping women become better leaders. She does this through her show, Women @ Work on Rogers TV.

Dawn is goal oriented, disciplined, patient, proactive, resourceful, decisive and able to make tough decisions when required.

These are the essentials attributes needed to excel in the role of Club Growth Director.

℘ Karim Premji, MBA, PMP, CFP, DTM(7), Learning Master, Past Division Director


Dawn is a veteran in the Toastmaster community who brings an abundance of knowledge and positive energy to everything she does.  Her leadership skills and strength in mentorship will help her excel in the Club Growth Director role.

℘ Dayna Patterson, MBA, CTDP, CPCC, West Mall TM


I have known Dawn Frail since I began Toastmasters and was lucky enough to hear her story early on.  Listening to her talk about her growth through the program made me believe that it was possible for me as well.  I don’t know if I would have stayed with Toastmasters so long without her influence.
Dawn is a great leader who lifts people up, inspires, and encourages through her words and actions.  Dawn’s words of encouragement, support, and praise have given me confidence that I will always cherish.  She has always talked about me in a way that I did not always see, inspiring me to work to live up to reputation she has given me.

Dawn exemplifies what Toastmasters is about; growth, support and encouragement of fellow members, and promoting Toastmasters so that others can experience the life changing benefits of the program.

℘ James Brown, West Mall TM


I cannot think of anyone more qualified for the job than Dawn with all of her experience be it through Toastmasters or Myers-Briggs workshops. She’s always been very supportive of fellow Toastmasters, both at club level, as well as throughout District 60. She’s super organized and a highly polished speaker.

℘ Carlos Thomas, Speaking From Experience Advanced TM


Indomitable. Passionate. Open. This is Dawn Frail. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have representing us in the District.

℘ Ron J. Smith, 1991 Sergeant At Arms, Front Street Speakers


Dawn successfully models how you can grow and develop personally as well as professionally using leadership skills.

℘ Dr. Jim, The People Skills Guy


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