IWLP Process Details

The Interview

This program is not for everyone. It is critical for the success of your leader that we first determine if she is right for the program and if the program is right for her. The IWLP™ is an intensive program and will add a considerable amount of work to her day for the first 3-6 months. It is imperative that she understands this additional workload and that she be supported by her immediate supervisor in handling all work and program expectations.

Following each of the half-day learning sessions, fieldwork assignments are given and their completion is important to achieve immediate productivity improvement results with the team.


The Timeline

The program begins with the interview and ends with certificate presentation, which is typically 15 months in total.

  • 2 months prior Candidate interview; upon acceptance, invoice submitted and payable on receipt
  • 1 month prior Cultural audit; telephone and/or in-person interview; 360 feedback (optional)
  • Month 1; Learning sessions 1-6 approximately 3-4 weeks apart; support coaching as needed
  • Month 7; Support coaching
  • Month 12; 360 feedback (optional)
  • Month 13; Certificate presentation; alumni membership begins


Peer Pods – The Group Option

It is possible to have up to three employees participate in the program at the same time. This provides peer mentoring support for the employees, which in turn has tangible benefits for the organization.

All learning sessions are conducted as a group and all coaching is done in private. Group members must work for the same organization, attend the learning sessions in person on-site, and one overall cultural audit is conducted. Departmental interviews are conducted for each participant individually.


The Participant’s Accountability

Schedule agreements are made between the participant and the facilitator allowing maximum flexibility around the participant’s work schedule. Unless otherwise specified, all in-person events will be conducted in the participant’s office or in a conference room if the participant does not have an enclosed office. The learning sessions are to be considered a high priority by the participant and attendance commitments are expected to be honoured unless there is a personal or business emergency.

After each learning session there is fieldwork, which is to be worked on and finished before the next learning session; typically three weeks later. The participant is also expected to initiate coaching calls on a regular basis.
Each member of the program is coached on how to strengthen the relationship with her direct supervisor. It is expected that the direct supervisor will be kept up to date on all activities by the program participant.


The Coach’s Accountability

Dawn Frail does all of the coaching work with the IWLP™ participants herself. All information shared between the participant and Dawn is considered confidential, except in the case where there is perceived danger or illegal conduct. In this case, Dawn will inform the business partner (i.e. HR, VP, etc.) of the information uncovered and in most cases will leave resolution and rectification in the hands of the organization. Dawn will come to the participant’s office location for prearranged sessions, and then at her discretion throughout the program. For all other coaching, Dawn will be available by telephone and email during regular business hours.

Dawn will come prepared to coach, tutor, mentor and fully engage the participant during the sessions. This includes asking the hard questions when necessary and pushing the participant beyond what they may feel comfortable with. Rest assured that Dawn has the courage to do what’s necessary to bring out the very best in your employee. If requested, Dawn is willing to provide a general and high-level summary of the employee’s progress and activities during the program. This report will naturally honour the confidential nature of the coaching relationship.

The Program Fee

The fee for the program in Canada is $10,000 plus applicable taxes. This includes all predefined program materials for the six learning sessions, tutoring for six half-day in-person learning sessions, a cultural audit, and personal coaching via telephone and email. This fee does not cover travel expenses for the coach outside of their local geographic area, nor does it cover the optional 360 feedback process.

The program fee is due in full before the beginning of the program. The year begins with the first learning session.


The Added Benefit

The best part about participating in the IWLP™ is that you benefit from having Dawn as an integral member of the team for a full year… without the hassle or expense of added staff! Having someone to work with who truly understands your culture and the reality of what your staff go through on a daily basis is worth its weight in gold. That’s when you’re external consultant truly becomes a valuable resource.


The Fine Print

This document is to help you understand the general flow and nature of the program. It is meant to clarify expectations and is not intended to be a contract. Any part of this document may change at any time without prior notice.

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