Roll up your sleeves and get it done.  Passion and practical application make Dawn’s workshops just the experience you’re looking for.  Address your issues right on the spot and come up with action plans that you can implement immediately. Workshops are available in various formats, ranging from 1-hour to 1/2-day.

Brilliant in the Boardroom; Advancement Strategies for Women Leaders 

Red Shoes ReversalWomen continue to face obstacles as they pursue their leadership dreams.  When it comes to increasing our numbers in the leadership pipeline, we have a lot more power than we may realize.  This workshop, based on the book The Ruby Report, is designed to help you take charge of your leadership career by taking action in the critical few areas that are proven to lead to promotion.  Redefine the glass ceiling by understanding what it’s made of and why it hasn’t been broken yet.  Learn how to work with your organization’s culture instead of beating up against it.  Identify what’s been missing in the plan that you’ve been working up to now.  Women are perfectly positioned to play a major role in the success of teams, companies and countries. Learn key strategies to overcome common obstacles and make a plan to take your leadership career from frustrating to fantastic.

Unleashing Greatness; with Myers-Briggs Eagle on white

Today’s #1 leadership skill is the ability to influence others.  To do this successfully you must gain both self-awareness and an understanding of other people.  Understanding why others behave the way they do can help you leverage differences to enhance innovation and productivity.  This workshop introduces you to the power of personality, and shows you how to motivate your team members by giving them exactly what they need and want to be successful.  Learn incredibly easy ways to manage your manager so you can be more successful in your own career.  Whether you lead a team, a project, or yourself, you can be happier and more successful when you learn how to engage and inspire others. New to personality types?  Watch a short introduction video. This workshop is available in both an open-enrollment and intact-team format.

The 8-Carat Communicator

Great leaders communicate with confidence so they can successfully influence people at all levels. Common complaints from women, however, are that they are not listened to, they are not taken seriously, and they are frequently being interrupted.  This workshop draws on the 4 C’s used to determine gemstone quality to teach you how to deliver your message with confidence, conviction and power. Use your words to create clarity, use your voice to create energy, and lose the annoying habits that steal your power.  Take your communication and presentation skills to the next level by learning to give your audience what they want, what they need, and the will to take action.

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