Team Trust Diagnostic

Rate your level of agreement for each statement based on how often the people on the team demonstrate the following behaviours.  Use the following 1-5 scale:

1=strongly disagree   2=disagree   3=neutral   4=agree    5=strongly agree

The People on my team…

Tend to say what they really think or feel
Seem to care about one another
Willing to confront and negotiate differences
Demonstrates it values openness & honesty
Apologize to each other for inappropriate behaviour
Openly share quality information, best practices, etc.
Don’t hold grudges against each other
Deal with conflict in a timely and healthy manner, and not hide or ignore it
Freely express their opinions, even when they differ with others
Willingly work through sensitive issues openly
Take the time to listen to and understand each other
Performance feedback is frequent, honest and effective at developing potential
Effectively manages the diversity of the team
Views mistakes as a natural part of the innovation and learning processes &   don’t blame each other when they happen
Clearly understand the goals of the team and what is expected of them to contribute   to the success of those goals
Team leader manages the team effectively
Meet commitments and deliver quality results on time
Meetings are energising and effective because everyone contributes to their full   potential
Rewards and recognition are handed out fairly
Act with the best intentions for the team and do not have hidden agendas

Pure Rating

Subtract one point for each person who works   away from the office 3 or more days or more
Subtract five points if the team leader has been in the role 3 months or less
Subtract two points if the organization has downsized in the past 3 months
Add five points if the team has held a “team building” event in the past 6 months where every member of the team was physically present

Adjusted Rating


90-100 WoW Keep it up because whatever you’re doing, it’s working!

80-89   Great – High trust means high performance; continue to nurture it

70-79   Good – The foundation is there; proactively build trust daily

60-69   There’s Still Hope – The whole team has to work on this; make it a measurable goal

50-59   Uh Oh!  – Immediate and drastic action is required; get outside help

0-49     Abandon Ship – Intervention required! Salvage what you can and rebuild

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