Leadership Audit

What would help you become a better leader?

___ Create a compelling vision, mission and goals that ignites the team to perform with excellence

___ Identify underlying core values that drive your leadership behaviour

___ Understand the effect of trust and loyalty on the bottom line in the workplace

___ Learn specific steps to recover from past mistakes so the team can ‘get over it’ and move on

___ Better manager your strengths and weaknesses to increase your own productivity level

___ Better manage personality conflicts to capitalize on team diversity

___ Identify dangerous stress triggers that inhibit peak performance

___ Know how to develop your team into a strong unified group of top performers

___ Manage performance expectations to get better results from them with less stress on you

___ Create a highly engaged and self-motivated team that performs even when you’re not there

___ Understand the cause of miscommunication and learn to maximize understanding

___ Learn to craft and deliver a more engaging message to all levels of the organization

___ Understand why people resist change as strongly as they do

___ Learn a process to break through resistance, no matter what the cause

___ Learn a no-fail process to analyze change that helps in problem-solving and decision-making

___ Design a plan to more effectively communicate change

___ Understand the key concepts in project and goal execution

___ Learn a better formula for creating an executable goal that drives high-leverage activities

___ Learn a better process of measuring results that motivates the team to achieve

___ Implement a systematic process for embedding accountability into the team

___ Learn to build leadership capabilities among the members of the team

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