Values Clarification Exercise


ACHIEVEMENT            opportunity to excel and produce significant results
BALANCE                blending work and life
CONSENSUS              making decisions everyone can live with
COMPETENCE             being capable and effective
CREATIVITY             finding new ways to do things
EXCELLENCE             having high quality standards
FAMILY                 taking care of and spending time with loved ones
FAIRNESS               respecting the rights of others
GROWTH                 continuous learning; self-awareness
HEALTH                 physical wellness and strength
INDEPENDENCE           free to work on one’s own
INTEGRITY              acting in accordance with one’s beliefs
OPENNESS               open dialogue; free exchange of ideas
PEACE                  free of conflict
POWER                  having a sense of control
SPIRITUALITY           relationship to a higher purpose
SELF EXPRESSION        willing and able to share ideas and opinions
STABILITY              predictable; structured; safe
TEAMWORK               working in co-operation with others toward a common goal
TRADITION              respect for the way things have always been done
VARIETY                frequent changes; new challenges
WEALTH                 financially comfortable; flourishing


  1. On the list of 22 values, put a line through the 11 values that are the least important to you.
  2. With the remaining 11 values, put a line through the 6 values that are the least important to you.
  3. With the remaining 5 values, select the two that are the least important to you and rank them 4th and 5th.
  4. With the remaining 3 values, rank them in order of importance, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  5. Use your top 3 values as a magnifying glass to examine your life, particularly stressful or unhappy areas.
  6. Use your top 5 values as a guide when making future decisions.
  7. Revisit this exercise as you move through various stages of your life.  You may find that your values change.


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