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The Ruby Report

Gender Intelligence is a Business IssueTheRubyReport - front cover

It’s not about accommodating women.  It’s about engaging your total workforce.

Based on her recent research with The Financial Post Top 100 Companies, Dawn Frail reveals what companies need to know about women leaders, and what women leaders need to know about companies. The Ruby Report addresses the three critical initiatives that companies MUST have in place if they wish to profit from a gender-diverse leadership team. If your gender diversity efforts aren’t paying off, then this book can help you figure out why. Filled with revealing insights from women leaders about what really helped get them promoted, this book is a must-read for companies ready to profit by letting their talented women shine.  (Back cover)


Gender equality has evolved from being a women’s issue to being a business imperative that gives companies a competitive advantage.

While much research has been done to try to figure out why women lag so far behind men in positions of senior leadership, the resulting knowledge shows that by the time women reach the top of organizations, their numbers are sparse, even though they entered the leadership pipeline in equal numbers compared to men. The issues of time in leadership, education and leadership capability have all been studied, as has salary inequity.  Flexible work arrangements and leadership development practices have also been studied.  While this is all-important information, it seems that we have not yet seen an explanation that addresses the root cause of this issue. The Conference Board of Canada claims that if “organizations are to achieve relative gender balance, significant change in talent management and leadership management practices will be required,” which points to proactive practices.

 Frail identifies critical proactive practices that impact a company’s bottom line.

This book analyzes the knowing vs. doing gap by looking at the actual behaviours and (cultural factors) practices of organizations that are actually filling their senior leadership roles with more women than other corporations in Canada.Having policies in place doesn’t seem to be driving promotion rates for women.  What are the associated behaviours of those organizations that are walking the talk, and what lessons can we learn from their efforts?

Most organizations don’t have a clear strategy in place for developing women into leadership roles, so I chose to look into companies that do.

This book should be required reading for all leaders who care about getting more women into their leadership pipeline.  Learn where to spend your gender diversity dollars to ensure you get the greatest return on your investment.  What do your current gender diversity activities look like, and are you missing any of the critical ones?  Learn the key aspects required to support women in their leadership careers and maximize the key talent you already have in house. This book is also essential reading for any woman who desires a successful career in leadership.  What do women say who’ve been there and done that when it comes to actually getting the promotions they deserve?  What are the key elements you must look for when choosing a company to pursue your leadership dreams?  What obstacles and roadblocks must you know about so you can navigate them? With a straight forward and no-nonsense writing style, Frail takes you on a journey that explores the problem as it exists today.    Filled with quotes from women leaders who participated in the study, much insight is provided from the front lines.  The broader goal of this book is to keep the gender intelligence conversation going.  The more focused goal is to help companies be more profitable by executing gender intelligence goals. Chapter titles:

  • Women = Profit
  • The Glass Ceiling Still Exists
  • Unconscious Male Behaviour
  • Win For Women = Loss For Men
  • 3-Pronged Problem
  • What Actually Get’s Women Promoted
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

Dawn Frail speaking to attendee at the Canadian book launch, May 6, 2014, in Mississauga, Ontario.


The book table at the May 6, 2014 launch of The Ruby Report in Mississauga, Ontario.










Dawn Frail with Publisher, Linda Ellis Eastman, at the PWN Conference & Book Launch, August 1, 2014, Louisville, Kentucky.