IWLP™ Overview

The International Women’s Leadership Project™ is dedicated to leadership excellence for women around the world. This year-long program is designed to help women navigate the extreme complexity and intense pressure of a corporate leadership role. The program guarantees improvement in critical skills that will result in greater confidence to make decisions and lead teams. Among many other things, women learn to resolve conflict effectively while leveraging its valuable creative tension, and reduce resistance to change without becoming disillusioned or derailed.

International Women's Leadership Program

  • Vision and Direction Setting; Business Ethics and Values; Trust and Loyalty
  • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Building High Performing Teams; Managing Performance
  • Communication; Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Change and Transition Management
  • Strategic Execution

Six intensive learning sessions form the backbone of this program. Supplemental field assignments related directly to the core competencies translate real-time learning into immediate results on pressing issues. Unlimited telephone & email coaching ensures your leader has the support she needs, when and where she needs it.

Acceptance into the program is dependent on the results of a candidate interview. Once accepted, the process begins with a cultural audit and various exploratory interviews, which give a better understanding of the organizational uniqueness as well as insight into the root causes of the leader’s challenges. Work is done on-site and uses the leader’s own team for all learning activities, enabling the leader and the organization to benefit from immediate results.

Peer Pods

Organizations that wish to maximize ROI select three leaders that will progress through the IWLP together. This benefits the leaders and the organization by breaking down silos and organizational barriers, strengthening the leaders’ business network, and broadening the scope of each leader’s business acumen.

International Women's Leadership Program

Achieve Leadership Greatness…

Define the playing field

Strong leadership begins with an understanding of where you are and a vision of where you are going. Create an inspirational vision, a motivational mission, executable goals and livable values. Weave these into a strong foundation that delivers a creative and sustainable plan for moving your team and yourself forward.

  • Understand the culture of the organization and how it impacts results
  • Assess the current and desired culture of your team
  • Draft goals that enable execution
  • Explore the relationship between trust and loyalty in the workplace

International Women's Leadership Program

Leading the Leader

Myers Briggs is a personality profiling tool that helps you understand yourself better and in turn, get along better with others. This session will explore the dynamics of differences between people and is targeted to help you and your people get better results.

Analyze your own personality type

Understand how your type affects your ability to get results
Get along better with others, regardless of personality differences
Better manage change, stress, communication, conflict, team building, etc. both inside and outside the workplace

International Women's Leadership Program

Create a team of great players

Managing the performance of individuals and the team as a whole is often the most difficult part of a leader’s job. The more diverse a team is, the stronger the leader must be in order to draw out the full potential. Navigate the different needs, engage the individuals, and turn a group of professionals into a high-performing team.

  • Understand the five stages of team development
  • Diagnose the development level of your current team
  • Define a plan for moving your team to the next level
  • Use a situational leadership methodology to drive performance

… By Optimizing Team Performance

Energize your communication

A vast amount of time and energy is spent communicating when you are a leader. Yet miscommunication is still the root of many leadership challenges, both large and small. Communicate for understanding in interpersonal communication situations and handle formal presentations with confidence and poise.

International Women's Leadership Program

  • Communicate for understanding vs. speaking to be heard
  • Craft and deliver an engaging message to all levels of the organization
  • Be more aware of the non-verbal messages
  • Understand how to be more effective in formal presentation settings

Get people on board with change

Leaders skilled in dealing with the inevitable dynamics of change are able to capitalize on productivity improvements sooner. Skillfully managing the team, you included, through change, resistance and transition is the hallmark of a great leader.

International Women's Leadership Program

  • Understand the difference between change and transition
  • Apply transition management to any personal or organizational change
  • Use a proven process for breaking through resistance
  • Analyze change properly and make more effective decisions
  • Design a plan for effectively communicating change

Deliver great results

Your ability to rally the team around the organizational strategy and deliver on it will be a true test of your leadership ability. No one wins until execution happens.

International Women's Leadership Program

  • Understand the key concepts of project and goal execution
  • Have a formula for creating an executable goal
  • Create a list of high-leverage activities
  • Understand how to measure results so they motivate the team
  • Use a systematic process for imbedding accountability in the team

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