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Leadership Gurus Speak Out

Editors: Adele Alfano and Kathy Glover Scott

Paperback book

ISBN: 978-0-9780283-3-6

There is a significant shift happening in the field of leadership.  Both leaders and those they influence are experiencing a rapid shift in consciousness a bout the value of their work in their lives.  Add to this the real world influences of changing business practices, tighter budgets and a workplace gone global, and leaders are expected to be visionaries who can also get the job done.  Leaders urgently need new information, innovative approaches and tools that work so they can move to a greater level of excellence.

Chapter Contributors:

  • Dawn Frail; The Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership
  • Sid Ridgley; VIP Leadership: The Three Things You Need to Master to Create a Superb Legacy of Achievement
  • Maureen Motter-Hodgson; The Top 10 Practices of Affirming Leadership
  • Rolande Kirouac; Leading With Laughter!
  • Cara Macillan; The Power of a Leader
  • Charles Seems; Making Powerful Presentations: A Holistic Approach for Leaders
  • Lesley Southwick-Trask; The Holographic Leader; New Era, New Models, New Leadership
  • Pat Mussieux; Charting Your Course
  • Diane King; Quiet Leaders Among Us
  • Peter M. Cleveland; Anatomy of Accountability
  • Cy Wakeman; Leaders! Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life
  • Sue Edwards; You’ve Gotta Flip It on Its Head! Four Key Strategies for Leadership Success
  • Kathy Glover Scott; Mastery and the Future of Leadership