Powerful Presentations for Women


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by Dawn Frail

ISBN:  978-1-897212-01-1


The glass ceiling still exists in today’s corporate environment. The single greatest skill you must have in order to break through that ceiling is the ability to be a powerful communicator.

  • Discover ways to make your message more meaningful for your audience
  • Learn how to use your voice as a trusted ally instead of your worst enemy
  • By dynamic with your physical presence to create a confidence that no one will question
  • Lose some of those annoying girlish habits that rob you of your power every time
  • Discover some of the tricks the pros use to create a memorable experience for their audience

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Powerful Presentations

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by Dawn Frail

ISBN: 978-1-897212-00-4 (book)

ISBN: 978-1-897212-11-0 (ebook)


Discover the Number One method for reducing nervousness — that works every time.

Learn to avoid the most commonly made mistakes when preparing presentations.

Make your delivery as powerful as a professional by incorporating a few simple techniques.

Visual aids are the most used (and most abused) when it comes to presentations. Learn the basics to avoid the common pitfalls.

Be dynamic enough so that when you walk out the door, your audience remembers you.

The ability to present yourself effectively will make you a powerful communicator and a successful leader.

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10 Principles Every CEO Must Know to Play and WIN ebook

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By Dawn Frail
ISBN 978-1-897212-03-5


As a leader you are ultimately responsible for getting results. You already know that you will achieve these results through the efforts of your people. But how do you convince others to give you their best efforts consistently?

Whether your people give you a little effort or a lot depends on the culture you create in your organization, your department or your team. Regardless of your leadership style or preferred philosophy, there are certain truths that cannot be ignored.

These simple principles are the critical few behaviours required at every leadership level, and especially at the top. Follow them and you’ll leverage your time and talent to build a high performance culture.

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Powerful Presentation Skills Self-Study Guide

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Powerful Presentation Skills Self-Study Guide CoverBy Dawn Frail

Electronic Book

ISBN 978-1-897212-04-2

Communication is a crucial skill in business today. Whether you’re talking to your client, your peer or your boss, you must be able to formulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, and then deliver those thoughts in an engaging way. This is a foundational skill of all successful leaders: even those who don’t have polished ‘platform skills.’ The good news is that you don’t need to be born with this skill: it’s learned!

Let’s take care of one myth right off the bat. Everyone does public speaking. Any time you are talking to anyone, other than yourself, you are ‘speaking in public.’   Unfortunately we tend to believe that public speaking is either done on top of a soapbox on the street corner, or behind a lectern to the masses. Both, and neither, are true. Public speaking comes in all shapes and sizes. Presentations can be formal, like presentations in front of your entire department in an auditorium, or informal like when you present your idea to your boss. In order for you to be effective and get the result you want, you must convey your message clearly, succinctly and in a way that engages the hearts and minds of your audience.

Companies often times don’t see the need for people to take public speaking training if they do not give stand up, formal speeches as part of their job requirements. And even for those who do a lot of presentations, a confident speaker does not automatically mean a competent speaker! So, for the group of people who don’t have the time, want some specific or advanced advice, or who don’t want to admit to anyone they need help, this Self-Study Guide is for you.


  • Introduction
    • Assessing your speaking style
  • Conquering Fears
    • Mind over matter (handling nervousness)
    • Choose your topic wisely
    • Prepare for Success
    • Game day strategies
  • Basic Techniques
    • Getting ready
    • Putting it on paper
    • Dynamic delivery
    • Finishing touches
  • Advanced Concepts
    • Getting ready
    • Putting it on paper
    • Dynamic delivery
    • Finishing touches
  • Speechwriter’s tool
  • Frequently asked questions

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