Powerful Presentations for Women


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by Dawn Frail

ISBN:  978-1-897212-01-1


The glass ceiling still exists in today’s corporate environment. The single greatest skill you must have in order to break through that ceiling is the ability to be a powerful communicator.

  • Discover ways to make your message more meaningful for your audience
  • Learn how to use your voice as a trusted ally instead of your worst enemy
  • By dynamic with your physical presence to create a confidence that no one will question
  • Lose some of those annoying girlish habits that rob you of your power every time
  • Discover some of the tricks the pros use to create a memorable experience for their audience

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Powerful Presentations

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by Dawn Frail

ISBN: 978-1-897212-00-4 (book)

ISBN: 978-1-897212-11-0 (ebook)


Discover the Number One method for reducing nervousness — that works every time.

Learn to avoid the most commonly made mistakes when preparing presentations.

Make your delivery as powerful as a professional by incorporating a few simple techniques.

Visual aids are the most used (and most abused) when it comes to presentations. Learn the basics to avoid the common pitfalls.

Be dynamic enough so that when you walk out the door, your audience remembers you.

The ability to present yourself effectively will make you a powerful communicator and a successful leader.

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The Ruby Report

TheRubyReport - front coverBy Dawn Frail

Soft cover book
ISBN 978-1-897212-07-3


It’s not about accommodating women.    It’s about engaging your total workforce.

Based on her recent research with The Financial Post Top 100 Companies, Dawn Frail reveals what companies need to know about women leaders, and what women leaders need to know about companies.

The Ruby Report addresses the three critical initiatives that companies MUST have in place if they wish to profit from a gender-diverse leadership team. If your gender diversity efforts aren’t paying off, then this book can help you figure out why.

Filled with revealing insights from women leaders about what really helped get them promoted, this book is a must-read for companies ready to profit by letting their talented women shine.

Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership

The Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership by Dawn Frail

Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership

Author: Dawn Frail
This book contains a set of principles for effective leadership based on timeless wisdom. When practiced regularly, they enable the leader to establish and build trust and loyalty.  the result is increased productivity and higher profits. In other words, ethical leadership DIRECTLY impacts the organization’s bottom line.


By following these 10 Commandments of Ethical Leadership you will be well on your way to becoming a trusted, respected and powerful leader.  Then there will never be a shortage of those wanting to follow you.  This will be your competitive advantage.


Includes two reproducible summary articles; one with famous quotes, the other with well-known scripture references.


First Commandment: Develop a Vision (Noah and the Arc)
Second Commandment: Characterize Integrity (Ruth, Naomi & Boaz)
Third Commandment: Lead the Way (Jesus)
Fourth Commandment: Esteem Insight (David & Goliath)
Fifth Commandment: Love Learning (The 12 Disciples)
Sixth Commandment: Guard Your Heart (Moses)
Seventh Commandment: Invest Wisely (Popularity, profit & pleasure)
Eighth Commandment: Exercise Humility (Joseph)
Ninth Commandment: Leverage Loyalty (Servant Leadership)
Tenth Commandment: Believe (The Shunammite Woman)

Leadership Gurus Product

Leadership Gurus Speak Out - cover

Leadership Gurus Speak Out with contributing author Dawn FrailEditors: Adele Alfano and Kathy Glover Scott

Paperback book

ISBN: 978-0-9780283-3-6

There is a significant shift happening in the field of leadership.  Both leaders and those they influence are experiencing a rapid shift in consciousness a bout the value of their work in their lives.  Add to this the real world influences of changing business practices, tighter budgets and a workplace gone global, and leaders are expected to be visionaries who can also get the job done.  Leaders urgently need new information, innovative approaches and tools that work so they can move to a greater level of excellence. Chapter Contributors:

  • Dawn Frail; The Ten Commandments of Ethical Leadership
  • Sid Ridgley; VIP Leadership: The Three Things You Need to Master to Create a Superb Legacy of Achievement
  • Maureen Motter-Hodgson; The Top 10 Practices of Affirming Leadership
  • Rolande Kirouac; Leading With Laughter!
  • Cara Macillan; The Power of a Leader
  • Charles Seems; Making Powerful Presentations: A Holistic Approach for Leaders
  • Lesley Southwick-Trask; The Holographic Leader; New Era, New Models, New Leadership
  • Pat Mussieux; Charting Your Course
  • Diane King; Quiet Leaders Among Us
  • Peter M. Cleveland; Anatomy of Accountability
  • Cy Wakeman; Leaders! Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life
  • Sue Edwards; You’ve Gotta Flip It on Its Head! Four Key Strategies for Leadership Success
  • Kathy Glover Scott; Mastery and the Future of Leadership

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