What is Myers-Briggs?

Based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type, Myers-Briggs is a way to understand the inborn tendencies we have to use our minds in different ways.  It’s an understanding of an underlying pattern of preferences, and a framework for working with the personality differences you observe every day.

As leaders, we can use this knowledge to explain some of the seemingly random differences in people’s behaviours.  In turn, this can help us to understand others better, and lead them more successfully.

Why is it mission critical?

The demands on leaders and followers is greater today than it has ever been in the past.  Understanding psychological type helps us cut through the conflict and build trust among team members so everyone can work together more effectively.  This all leads directly to better bottom line results.   If your team is struggling with conflict, poor relationships or low productivity, you must fix that situation immediately.  Your number one job as a leader is to find ways to motivate your team to perform at peak levels on a consistent basis.  This is your critical mission.

How does it benefit the business?

People in your organization achieve better results, in less time, and with fewer resources when they work as a collaborative and cohesive team.  Understanding how to leverage the diversity in personalities and work styles means better solutions inside and outside the organization.  Costs associated with conflict and poor performance are reduced, and revenues that come with innovative solutions are increased.  The impact on the bottom line is immediate and tangible.

What does this mean for the people?

Strong relationships built on trust lead to happier, more engaged employees.  People who thrive in their jobs and who are able to meet the needs of their customers (internal and external) will be able to maintain high levels of performance.  When people are able to perform their jobs well, in an environment that makes them feel valued and appreciated, they become more successful at work and in life.

We have three options for Myers-Briggs Workshops:

smiling team on white
Team or Department Sessions
2 red chairs for executive coaching
Individual Leadership Coaching
Smiling Group of Professionals
Large Group Sessions

There are multiple benefits to participating in a Myers-Briggs workshop, including:

  • Learning to value team diversity
  • Communicating with others more clearly
  • Managing stress more effectively
  • Dealing better with change
  • Making more effective and balanced decisions
  • Learning to be more productive in teams
  • Building stronger and healthier relationships
  • Learning faster with higher retention
  • Living a more integrated life
  • Learning to deal with difficult people
  • Breaking through destructive conflict
  • And so much more

About Personal and Professional Development and the MBTI®

You are born with a unique set of natural gifts, strengths and talents. Throughout your life you will search for the secrets that help you be your very best. If you’re lucky, you’ll find this path early in your career, perhaps with the help of a mentor, a leader or a friend. The result is that you feel much happier, more successful and more fulfilled.

What if you search for this path but are unable to find it? Work may feel exhausting, relationships may feel challenging and stressors may feel overwhelming. No matter how hard you try, unleashing your greatness feels like a worn-out cliché.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a tool that can help you in any area of your life because it helps you identify what makes you unique. It helps you discover your natural gifts, strengths and talents, and shows you how to build your life upon a strong foundation. The good news is that it doesn’t matter where you are now, how old you are or what opportunities you’ve already missed. Each day is the first day of the rest of your life, and you can make a difference right where you are, right now.

Unleashing Greatness can be conducted in groups and one-on-one, with adults and youth, in businesses and schools, at conferences and retreats. It is an integral part of the International Women’s Leadership Project™. In small groups and individual coaching sessions, each person will complete a questionnaire online and be given a personal report during a debrief session held with Dawn Frail, President of Eagle Vision LDG. Dawn has reached the highest level of achievement with the MBTI instrument and is certified as an MBTI® Master Practitioner by Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.