Leadership Development

Your organization needs strong leaders and a healthy leadership pipeline to sustain success at any level. Every core leadership position must have strong candidates ready to take on the role when the existing leader advances, retires or leaves. Arguably, every leadership position should have a succession management plan, but not having it in critical areas can cripple an entire organization.

What does your leadership pipeline look like? Do you have leaders capable of growing your business and taking it to the next level? Whether your company is large or small, you need to have depth in your talent pool.

Do you have a strong cadre of leaders ready to step up to the next level? Are your development plans integrated with business objectives? If not, this may be an area of weakness that could threaten your very existence.

“What if I develop them, and they leave?”

“What if you don’t, and they stay?”

 There is much discussion about what exactly makes a great leader, although most agree that leaders are made and not born. There are many different types of leadership development available. To get the most return on investment from your development efforts, be sure the development plans are integrated with both individual career goals and operational business strategies.

Dawn can help you develop your leaders so they can…

▪ Increase trust to create a candid and transparent environment
▪ Create a culture of accountability where employees effectively self-manage
▪ Leverage diversity to produce quality ideas and results
▪ Increase collaboration and drive true innovation
▪ Build a resilient organization that attracts top talent
▪ Develop existing leaders to leverage intellectual capital
▪ Increase employee engagement and earn their passion and creativity

 Leadership development assessments are used to accurately diagnose your environment and get to the root cause of your key issues. A specific action plan will help you prioritize and implement strategies to drive measurable success.

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Intentionally Develop Your Women Leaders

Better organizational performance and stronger financial performance has been linked to having more women leaders in senior roles. A McKinsey & Company report finds that ‘making gender diversity a significant goal is well worth the investment.’ Research shows the benefits of such an investment include improved employee motivation and efficiency, as well as attracting and retaining highly talented people.

Undoubtedly, women face different issues and obstacles as they make their way up the leadership ladder. The International Women’s Leadership Project is dedicated to helping you build stronger women leaders in your leadership pipeline.

International Women’s Leadership Project™ (IWLP)