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TheRubyReport - front cover

The Ruby Report

Many organizations spend lots of money with disappointing results when it comes to getting more talented women into their leadership pipeline. Although there is no shortage of advice, how can organizations truly leverage the power of their female talent? This presentation reveals the results of Dawn’s research and shows organizations which initiatives are the critical few  proven to impact women’s promotions. Hear how to get more women into the pipeline, and more importantly, how to keep them.




Brilliant in the Boardroom

As women, we bring huge value to corporations when we lead from our authentic selves and true talents. However, that has not been enough to get more of us into leadership roles that have the power to make decisions for people and for the organization. This presentation reveals the secrets that women must know if they wish to get ahead in an organization. Based on Dawn’s own research and the wisdom of many others, you’ll hear how you can be successful at work and truly let your brilliance shine.


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