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The International Women’s Leadership Project™ (IWLP) is a  year-long intensive coaching experience  designed to help women navigate the extreme complexity and intense pressure of a corporate leadership role. The program guarantees improvement in critical skills that will result in greater confidence to make decisions and lead teams.

  • Vision and Direction Setting; Business Ethics and Values; Trust and Loyalty
  • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Building High Performing Teams; Managing Performance
  • Communication; Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Change and Transition Management
  • Strategic Execution

Three women join together into a Peer Pod and work together for the full year.  Six intensive learning sessions form the backbone of this program. Supplemental field assignments related directly to the core competencies translate real-time learning into immediate results on pressing issues. Unlimited telephone & email coaching ensures your leader has the support she needs, when and where she needs it.

Acceptance into the program is dependent on the results of a candidate interview. Once accepted, the process begins with a cultural audit and various exploratory interviews, which give a better understanding of the organizational uniqueness as well as insight into the root causes of the leader’s challenges. Work is done on-site and uses the leader’s own team for all learning activities, enabling the leader and the organization to benefit from immediate results.

Continue to explore if this program is right for you.  Click here for more information on the process and the learning modules.  If you’d like a summary document you can print that will help you present your business case for participation, click here.


Leadership Coaching for Women

Who is in your leadership pipeline? Are they capable of growing your business and taking it to the next level?  Maximize the return on investment from your development efforts by giving your leaders an accountability partner; someone who will mentor them, coach them, and push them to do more than they think possible.

Dawn can help you develop your leaders so they can…

▪ Increase trust to create a candid and transparent environment
▪ Create a culture of accountability where employees effectively self-manage
▪ Leverage diversity to produce quality ideas and results
▪ Increase collaboration and drive true innovation
▪ Build a resilient organization that attracts top talent
▪ Develop existing leaders to leverage intellectual capital
▪ Increase employee engagement and earn their passion and creativity

Leadership development assessments are used to accurately diagnose your environment and get to the root cause of your key issues. A specific action plan will help you prioritize and implement strategies to drive measurable success.

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