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Eagle Vision

Our Mission: We inspire, educate and motivate women to become better leaders:

    • Inspiration: igniting self-belief and passion for leadership
    • Education: teaching leaders to master what matters
    • Motivation: stimulating action that drives results

Core Operational Values: trust, integrity, and excellence

Eagle Vision Leadership Development Group was founded in 2001 and is involved in the research, training and consulting of leadership philosophies as they related to ethics. Much of this work was based on an ethical leadership model designed by Eagle Vision’s founder, Dawn Frail, who has been in the leadership arena since 1977.

As Dawn continued to research leadership she found what she calls the Leadership Perfect Storm. Three powerful forces had come together and created a demand for a new way of thinking about leadership; gender, generations, and globalization.

Eager to find a solution to this 21st century leadership challenge, Dawn felt many organizations were overlooking and undervaluing a large and powerful talent pool: women. Believing strongly that women are uniquely qualified and perfectly positioned to meet the leadership needs of this knowledge-worker age, Eagle Vision began moving in the direction of specializing in developing women leaders.

We wish to work with organizations that care deeply about the development of their people, and who wish to partner with someone who cares as much as they do. To do the right thing for the right reason at the right time with the right team is critical to the success of both our companies. We look forward to becoming a trusted partner.

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